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How can I pluck/shape/do my eyebrows for the first time? I've never gotten them done or anything before and I don't have money to get them done professionally at the moment nor do I have anyone to really turn to for this so any tips and stuff on how to do so?
- Anonymous

In all 100% honestly I think your best bet is to save up some money and go get them done the first time by someone who knows what they’re doing. Its extremely hard to shape especially if you’ve never done it before so you’ll end up over plucking or ruining the entire shape! If you really can’t, then look up a YouTube tutorial that shows you step by step but you should know its kind of a huge risk! Eyebrows can make or break you so id say start saving up a bit even if you have to wait an extra month or two before you do them so at least once a professional gives you the shape, you can pluck out stray hairs